BEYOND MEAT - Plant Based Ground 453g


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Beyond Meat has created the world's first plant-based ground meat that delivers on versatility, meaty texture, juiciness and flavor of ground beef with their amazing new Beyond Beef Plant-Based Ground!  

Whatever you can dream up, or, wherever you'd normally use ground beef, Beyond Beef gives you an amazingly perfect alternative for every dish.  It makes perfect burgers or meatballs, creates amazing chili, replaces ground beef in your favorite Italian recipes for lasagna, spaghetti sauce and more, gives you the perfect ground for your tacos, nachos surpeme and all your Mexican meal favorites....the sky's the limit with Beyond Beef Plant-Based Ground!

Soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, Allium-free and kosher.  1 lb. (16 oz. / 453g).