Brad's Plant Based - Crunchy Kale Cheeze It Up, 2oz


Experience the deliciously cheesy and nutrient-packed snack with Brad's Plant Based Crunchy Kale in "Cheeze It Up" flavor. These kale chips offer a perfect combination of crunch and rich cheesy flavor, achieved without any dairy. Perfect for a healthy snack, they are loaded with vitamins and made from organic ingredients.

  • Dairy-Free and Vegan: Enjoy the rich, cheesy flavor without any dairy. Perfect for vegans and those with dairy sensitivities.
  • Gluten-Free and Kosher: These kale chips meet dietary needs while providing a tasty, wholesome snack.
  • High in Vitamins: Packed with vitamins K, C, and A, these chips offer significant nutritional benefits in every bite.
  • Organic Ingredients: Made with organic kale, sunflower seeds, and nutritional yeast among other wholesome ingredients.


  • Organic Kale
  • Organic Sunflower Seeds
  • Organic Lemon Juice
  • Organic Chickpea Miso (Rice, Chickpeas, Sea Salt, Water, Koji Spores)
  • Organic Carrot
  • Organic Nutritional Yeast
  • Organic Tomato
  • Organic Turmeric
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Organic Onion Powder
  • Organic Garlic Powder


Nutrient Amount per Serving (28g) % Daily Value
Calories 80 -
Total Fat 5g 6%
Saturated Fat 0.5g 2.5%
Trans Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 170mg 7%
Total Carbohydrate 6g 2.2%
Dietary Fiber 2g 7%
Sugars 1g -
Added Sugars 0g 0%
Protein 4g -
Vitamin K 175mcg 150%
Vitamin D 0mcg 0%
Vitamin C 31mg 35%
Vitamin A 143mcg 15%
Potassium 158mg 4%
Iron 1mg 6%
Calcium 46mg 4%

Brad's Plant Based Crunchy Kale - Cheeze It Up is a perfect snack for those looking to maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing flavor. Indulge in the rich, cheesy taste while enjoying the numerous health benefits.

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