The Everyday Vegan Programme Vol.1 - 10 Days of Home-cooked Vegan Meals (E-Book)


The Everyday Vegan Program Vol. 1: 10 days of home- cooked vegan meals is a unique guide to preparing and enjoying ten days of nutritious and cruelty-free vegan meals.

We developed this program to create a delightful and bother-free experience for people who are already vegan and anyone who is vegan-curious who wants to make simple and impactful choices that lead to living a kinder and more abundant life – starting with eating home-cooked vegan meals.

What you get? 

- 18 recipes for 10 days of vegan meals

- Grocery shopping lists for each 5 day block

- A vegan home-cooking essentials guide

- This book is in digital PDF format. 

Why purchase this e-book?

All proceeds from the sale of this e-book will be donated to ACRES to support them in their community outreach, which incorporates humane education at academic institutions. We take only $1 from the sale of each book to cover the cost of credit card transaction fees. 

ACRES, Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, is a Singapore- based wildlife charity. Their sole aim is to advocate for an end to animal cruelty in Asia, so that all animals will be treated with compassion and respect.