Finally, some progress! And I'm drowning in paperwork...

Finally, some progress! And I'm drowning in paperwork...

Amanda TengOct 11, '201 comment

We have made great progress this week with the store fit-out. Electrical is almost complete. I have the new LED lights fitted. The air-conditioning has been re-conditioned and repaired. The partition wall that separates my tiny store room/ office from the shop is now up! To the passerby, it looks like a boring wall. To me it is my first major piece of renovation work completed, and it signifies new beginnings for Everyday Vegan. 

It is also a great wall for a mural don't you think? If you know any vegan artists, let me know! I would love to free up the space for some amazing vegan artwork. 

Our partner at goodStudio has done a great job with keeping on schedule. We had to rush to correct a few measurement errors on the carpentry, but other than that, I am happy to say that there were no other major hiccups.

Which means I have no choice now but to start wading through all of this paperwork! 😩 😩 😩

Have I ever mentioned, I am not the best at paperwork. I am what some call, a ‘people’ person. If you are my customer, you will know I love speaking to you, serving you, getting to know you and of course recommending new vegan goodies to you!

But when it comes to paperwork, I procrastinate the whole day 😏😏😏.  I will 'allow' myself to be distracted by any thing at all, just so I can avoid filling in forms. 

With Grand Opening Day ticking closer however, I am running out of excuses. There are so many licenses to apply for and application forms to fill in, especially if I want to import new vegan goodies!

Of course, I have to restock on Kresho bars (sorry it is taking me this long!), bring in more varieties of House of Biskota cookies, and source for many more vegan snacks and goodies. I am thinking of even more Miyoko’s Creamery Products, Vegan eggs, Vego bars (delicious chocolate hazelnut bars), marshmallows, jellies, chips and dips and many, many more!

On top of that, I really want to give you an extra reason to stop by and spend some time with me at the store 😬 😬 😬  so I will also need to get my license to operate a small vegan café, and maybe (I am hoping!), a liquor license so I can offer vegan wines and beer 🍷.

This is a lot of work (and not to mention, a lot of costs! 🤕🤕 😜). But as I mentioned in last week’s post, I have a great team now to support me. And besides that, I owe it to every one of you to put in a 100% maximum effort.

Your support in the past months has made Everyday Vegan Grocer a possibility. And I want to be brave and take the next step to not only give you the convenience of online shopping but also the joy of browsing in a physical store. 

Keep you posted!




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Cindy Nguyen on May 26, '22

Splendid progress

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