Sneak peak into the Everyday Vegan Café: Introducing our new Café Partners

Sneak peak into the Everyday Vegan Café: Introducing our new Café Partners

Amanda Teng

It has been an exceptional week for the Everyday Vegan Team!

We have filed all our papers for store opening. Yes, Finally! 🙌 😀 

Gave our walls a fresh coat of paint, so the store is now ready for the biggest part of the renovation - the carpentry! 🔨🔨🔨

We also made our purchases for Kresho chocolates, Vego bars and a few other special vegan surprises that we cannot wait to share with you. 🍬🍭🍫

But the highlight of the week was our morning at Puro Fairtrade Coffee’s headquarters.

You’re probably wondering why were we at Puro? 🤔 🤔 🤔

In the past, we mentioned that we wished to set up a small cafe at our grocery store.

We wanted Everyday Vegan Grocer to be a convenient place for you to shop for vegan groceries.

But we also wanted to make a place where you can spend time with family and friends while enjoying delicious vegan treats.

Hence, the idea of Everyday Vegan Café was born. 

Problem is, we have no idea about how to run or operate a cafe. We have zero experience. Nada.

But we have been retailing Puro Coffees for the past 3 weeks now. Some of you have bought it and loved it. We drink it every now and then, and also love it.

So we thought, why not take our partnership to the next level. After a few days of coordination, we managed to find a suitable time to visit Puro's office.

Delphine, Puro's sales director, welcomed us at Puro's office. She offered to make coffees while sharing the story of Puro with us.

She must have prepared more than 20 different cups of coffee, from short blacks to long blacks, flat whites to cappuccinos and lattes. Each with 3 different types of beans and 3 different types of plant milks. 

Check out all the coffees she made for us!

I usually try to stay away from caffeine as I get super anxious when I drink too much, but the lattes and cappuccinos were too creamy that I could not resist them.

The soy latte was my favourite, I mean, look how well it holds the latte art!

Just a quick mention, if you have been struggling to find a good barista-grade plant milk, look no further, Vitasoy is here to rescue you! Vitasoy's soy, oat and almond milks are great by themselves and amazing in coffees 🙌 😀 .

During the entire time of making and serving coffee, Delphine shared with us her passion for coffee and the Puro brand.

We learned that Puro is a certified fair-trade organisation. They source their beans exclusively from fair-trade cooperatives, ensuring that farmers are paid fairly for their produce.

They also donate 2% of all revenue (as a new business owner, I vouch that 2% of revenues are high!) to the World Land Trust to purchase and preserve rainforest reserves, which are important habitats for many of earth's wonderful creatures. 

Since its inception in 2005, Puro Fairtrade Coffee has already funded 11 reserves and supported countless farmers. That is an amazing achievement.

Aside from all of that, the coffee tastes great! I love the strong aroma yet delicate bitterness of the coffees. 

We had an absolute blast with Delphine at Puro's headquarters and it was clear to me that Puro is the right partner for Everyday Vegan. 

We agreed to push forward with our partnership and spent the rest of the time discussing the challenging logistics for opening day. 

We are proud to be working with a brand that chooses kindness over pure profits, and we look forward to serving you with our vegan coffee lattes made with Puro coffee beans.

I confess that I may be seriously hooked on caffeine after that morning!

Keep you posted!








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