Make your ‘Drop in the Ocean’ choice this Earth Day

Make your ‘Drop in the Ocean’ choice this Earth Day

Amanda Teng

Today, on Earth Day, as we browse our socials and read the news, we may end up spending a bit more time than usual thinking about climate change. Thoughts about rising sea levels, coral bleaching, droughts, and unpredictable and dangerous weather may fill us with anxiety and fear.

Instead of dwelling, however, I want to encourage you to uplift your perspective and consider instead all the small things that each of us can do to create a better future for us and the world. I love this quote by Mother Teresa: “[None of us ever do great things], but we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

For me, becoming vegan was my small thing; my 'drop in the ocean'. I did this mainly out of my love for animals. I also knew that industrial animal agriculture is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. And even though I was aware that my dietary choices were not going to immediately stop factory farming or halt global warming, I hoped it would have a small impact, and that was good enough for me.

As I reflect on the last 13 years since I became vegan, I can honestly say that the world of food is very much different now than a decade ago. I continue to see more vegan options pop up in restaurant menus and supermarket aisles; and what’s even more amazing is that I am seeing more friends, colleagues and family opting for vegan options. I even started Everyday Vegan Grocer and I am grateful to this day for your support 🙏  

This transformation of people's diets is slowly gaining momentum, and it is happening because hundreds of thousands of people made the same ‘drop in the ocean’ choice that I made 13 years ago. 

For you, your ‘drop in the ocean’ choice may be to become flexitarian or vegetarian. On top of that, maybe you choose to opt-out of single use plastics; use public transport or ride a bicycle to work instead of drive. Or maybe, you make a mid-career switch to renewable energy or sustainability technologies.

Whatever your choices are, they matter. Every time we choose kindness, we become better human beings and make that small little impact on the world.

Thank you for reading and much love ❤️

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