Launching our premium membership: Everyday Vegan VIPea Pass!

Launching our premium membership: Everyday Vegan VIPea Pass!

Amanda Teng

Introducing the VIPea Pass – Your ticket to affordable vegan groceries. Sign up here!

Vegan groceries continue to be expensive. It’s a fact, no matter how you debate it. Meat, seafood, cheese, dairy and even conventional sweets and snacks are still so much cheaper than the vegan alternative.

So, what happens? Typically, we start our kindness journey excited and full of commitment. We get super creative in the kitchen with new vegan recipes; we start using oat milk with our morning cereal and coffee; we replace all the meats in our dishes with tofu, tempeh and plant-based meat alternatives; we spend a lot of money to indulge in all kinds of vegan cheeses, sweets and snacks.

But then, after a few months, you slowly get tired of cooking all the time, and you realize you are spending much more than what you would normally spend on groceries. Eating out is always a challenge because all the vegan options are more expensive. Finally, one day, you find yourself at a friend’s barbecue & you realize how much you miss eating ‘normal’ foods & socializing… so you give in and before you know it, you fall back into old habits again 🙈

I started Everyday Vegan so you would not give up so easily. What you choose to eat, matters deeply, not just to your body, but also to the planet and to the animals 💚

But, I also believe that choosing kindness, should not be at the expense of your enjoyment of life, and more importantly, it should not depend on how much money you can spend.

So how do we fix this? 🤔 At Everyday Vegan, our big focus has always been convenience and choice. We worked on improving our home delivery services. We opened a physical grocery store. We also expanded our catalog by importing our own products and educating local suppliers.

But it was still difficult to bring prices down when the costs remained high. We ran sales and promotions, but these only resulted in short term savings for you. What we wanted was to create long-term affordability for everyone.

The VIPea Pass is the answer 👍 The VIPea pass is your ticket to an affordable vegan lifestyle; a small subscription fee in exchange for big savings. With a VIPea Pass, you will be able to shop for all your favorite oat milks, yoghurts, vegan meats, and cheeses at ‘normal’, everyday prices. You will enjoy 30% off all fresh produce and vegan staples (like oats, rice and nuts), and 20% off everything else on our catalog, including items that are already on sale. We do not mark-up our prices above the retail selling price, so we guarantee that these discounts convert to very real savings for you.

All this for how much? We have worked hard on our financials to bring the subscription fee down as much as we can. You can enjoy VIPea perks with just a low subscription fee of $15 per month (billed annually). It is cheaper than a gym membership and about the same price as some streaming service subscriptions 😉 and if you do the math, you will see how easy it is to breakeven on this investment.

An extra perk: as we continue to launch hundreds of new arrivals in the coming months, VIPeas get to enjoy early access prices (30-40% off!) on all new items so you can keep your pantry at home filled with exciting new foods to try and share.

When you become a VIPea, you are supporting our mission of making vegan food accessible and affordable to everyone 🌈 We are grateful for that, and in return, we promise to continuing bringing value to you. I hope the VIPea Pass helps you on your personal kindness journey. 

Thank you and much love,


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