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Size: Solo

Personalise your very own Fresh Organic Veggie Bundle. Simply use the checkboxes above to select your preferred vegetables and craft a bundle that suits your culinary needs and healthy cravings. Based on your choices, we'll gather the freshest, in-season options available, ensuring a garden-fresh experience in every package. Do you have specific preferences or sought-after favorites? Feel free to share your special requests in the space provided. While we strive to meet your requests, please note that the final contents are subject to availability, and certain requests may not be guaranteed.


Size For?
Solo 1 adult, cooks 4-5 days/ week
Solo+ 1 adult, cooks 6-7 days/ week
Couple 2 adults, cooks 4-5 days/ week
Couple+ 2 adults, cooks 6-7 days/ week
Family 2 adults & 1 to 2 children, cooks 5-7 days/ week
Category Examples
Cruciferous Vegetables Broccoli, Cauliflower, Chinese Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Kale
Root Vegetables and Tubers Beetroot, Ginger, Yam, Tapioca, Radish, Sweet Potato, Potato, Carrot
Gourds and Squashes Zucchini, Old Cucumber, Pumpkin, Bitter Gourd
Allium Vegetables Garlic, Red Onion, Yellow Onion, Spring Onion
Leafy Greens and Lettuces Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Sweet Potato Leaves, Kang Kong, Watercress, Chye Sim, Baby Xiao Bai Cai, Baby Chye Sim, Xiao Bai Cai, Kai Lan, Nai Bai, Red Spinach, Green Spinach, Ceylon Spinach, Moringa
Nightshades Capsicum, Cherry Tomato, Tomato, Brinjal, Red Chilli, Potatoes
Legumes and Pods French Bean, Lady Finger, Long Bean, Sweet Peas, Sweet Corn
Herbs Lemons, Coriander, Mint, Basil

Everyday Vegan Grocer restocks fresh produce in micro-batches. This way we minimise waste and ensure freshness.

We guarantee freshness. If you are ever unsatisfied with your purchase, we will offer you a 100% refund.

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