Opening Hours and Location

Monday to Sunday 12pm - 8:30 pm

Our store is located at 43 Haji Lane, Singapore 189236.

How to Get to Haji Lane by MRT?

Get a ticket to Bugis Station.This is the closest and most practical station to go to if you want to reach Haji Lane and the rest of Kampong Glam. 

 Bugis Station, like most of Singapore’s MRT stations, has multiple exits to choose from. This can make it convenient for accessing different things outside, but a bit confusing because there are so many choices. 

Bugis Station has a total of 6 different exits which can get a bit overwhelming when you arrive. Exits include A, B, C, D, E and G. 

You can take Exit E to get to Haji Lane from the station.

The walk from Bugis Station to Haji Lane is about 450 meters and this should take you about 5 minutes to walk there

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