Purnama - Crossbody Bottle Holder


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For him and her
Multifunctional, with pockets for phones, keys & cards included
Color (not altered from raw materials):
Carefully Hand-cut
Suitable for Vegans 🍃  Purnama is a PETA-Approved Vegan brand
Material: Upcycled with
Upcycled Tire Innertube
Repurposed army tent
New Materials include: straps, buckles
Water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain
Includes adjustable strap
Dimensions (at approximate)
diameter : 9.5 cm or 3.75 inches
height : 18.5 cm or 7 inches
height of adjustable strap : max 110 cm or 43 inches

Brand Story

Purnama means "full moon" in Bahasa Indonesia, and we hope to provide light and opportunity for those in need. We are a slow fashion brand committed to environmental sustainability and social impact, and our upskilling and education outreach programs provide opportunities for positive change throughout Asia. We are on a mission to heal the planet we love - one tire innertube, single-use plastic bag, and plant-based dye process at a time. We can only achieve this with your help - join us in our mission to make Planet Earth a better place for everyon

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