Dreaming of More Vegan Options for Every Restaurant

Dreaming of More Vegan Options for Every Restaurant

Amanda TengJan 20, '21

When we first moved to Grandstand, looking for vegan food options was such a hassle. There was basically zero vegan food in the area and it was quite a challenge for us to get our meals 😔. We then started to microwave our products like the Amy’s Organic Vegan GF Lasagne and Amy’s Organic Tofu Scramble Wraps however, we can’t have too much of a good thing 😝!

One day, we took a stroll around the area and had a chat with E-Sarn’s owner, Neng. E-Sarn is the Thai Restaurant located next to our shop 🇹🇭. We asked her to experiment making some vegan dishes for us and without hesitation, she said “Yes!” 🤩.

We then had her try a few of our products including the OmniMeat – All Purpose Plant Based Minced Meat. First, she cooked Thai Fried Rice 🍚  with it then she tried it with fried dumplings 🥟  and OMG, it was delicious 🥰 🥰! She eventually tried the Impossible meat to make spring rolls and her latest addition, the Monkey Head Mushroom 🐵 🍄! If you aren’t familiar with this, the Monkey Head Mushroom is a mushroom that is a very popular meat alternative in vegetarian Chinese cuisine and has a chewy and meaty texture when cooked properly 😋. 

Now, E-sarn’s vegan menu has grown and now includes Thai Fried Rice and even Tom Yum Soup! Because of this, we don’t worry much about our staff meals anymore. 🥰

Not only that, Casa Roma, an Italian restaurant 🇮🇹  where our dear friend, Chef Ania, 👩‍🍳  who is a consultant, boasts an exciting vegan menu. You can order different vegan dishes like the Traditional Minestrone Soup 🥣, Spaghetti Pomodoro with vegan Meatballs 🍝, and many more! Go and visit Casa Roma and enjoy a 10% discount on any vegan items on their menu. Spend more than $50 in a single receipt with Everyday Vegan Grocer, and you can get 10% off your meal at Casa Roma 😮 . Just show them the receipt 📱. (Offer valid till end of February 2021).

As always, thank you very much for being a part of the Everyday Vegan journey. 🙏


Love 💕,

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