Miyoko's Creamery  | "Milk plants, not cows."

Miyoko's Creamery | "Milk plants, not cows."

Amanda Teng

Miyoko’s Creamery: an Everyday Vegan Exclusive. The Future of Plant Dairy is Here! 💚

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The story…

Miyoko Schienner, the founder and owner of Miyoko’s Creamery, pioneer in vegan cheese and butter 🧀, was a huge inspiration to me in starting Everyday Vegan. 💕

As a woman business owner, Miyoko’s success in business and impact to the world’s collective diet gave me the confidence and belief in myself to start a physical Everyday Vegan Grocer. 💚 It was not an easy decision. 😬 I am not naturally a confident person… but Miyoko’s narrative and success in building her brand was an important part of giving me the confidenceto commit (and invest a big part of our life savings into this venture!). ✨

Miyoko’s Cheese Wheels are amazing! 😝 I tried Miyoko’s cheeses for the first time 7 years ago at a vegan café in Blue Mountains, Australia. 🇦🇺 I remember reading the sign: “Gourmet Cheese” and thought to myself, I have to try it 👍 – I had never had gourmet vegan cheese before. 🧐 The only cheese I had was the kind I made myself at home with a miso and tapioca starch (speaking of which, that’s a good recipe - I need to share that with you some time 😋). I was on a super low budget back then, and I remember it was such a big hit on my purse! 😱


What a delicious treat it was. 😍 Garlic and herb savoury cheesiness 😋; I remember I mashed it into my pasta 🍝, ate it with sliced bread 🍞… I eventually just started eating chunks of it. It was the best cheese I had ever had in my life. Not just the best vegan cheese, but the best *cheese*! 💯

So when I started Everyday Vegan Grocer last year, I knew I had to find a way to bring Miyoko’s Creamery into Singapore. 💚 We started bringing in micro-shipments of 3 to 4 cases, along with other products. But it was so expensive. 😥

I was grateful for customers that continued to believe in our taste and selection, and gave it a shot.  🙏 But I knew it was an investment for them, too. 

Feedback was amazing, and every time we brought in a batch, it would sell out in 2 to 3 weeks. 🎉

At a certain point, we knew we had to commit to larger volumes. We finally got in touch with Miyoko’s and negotiated for better pricing but it was a commitment! 1 full pallet, hundreds of cheeses. Hundreds! 😱

This was not one of those situations where if we can't sell it, I will just enjoy it all myself. 😂 No matter how much I love Miyoko’s cheeses, I cannot eat hundreds of cheeses. 😮 And giving away that much is not viable either! I have to make sure I sell enough to keep Everyday Vegan alive. ✓

But I knew I had to give it a try, because this was the only way I would be able to bring the price of Miyoko’s down to where it is in the same range of other artisanal cheeses. 👍 And therefore, make it more accessible to everyone in Singapore. 🎉

So here we are now, Miyoko’s Creamery. An Everyday Vegan exclusive. 💚 And I am grateful for the support from everyone so far. Thank you for your trust in us, as always! 🙌


From today until Aug 31 2021, any $50 spent with us will give you 1 chance to win an Everyday Vegan Miyoko’s Creamery cheese platter! 🥳 Worth over $250, with two gorgeous hand-selected wines to pair it with! 🍷

There will also be 3 consolation prizes, each worth between $30 to $50, of ‘wildcard’ Miyoko’s cheeses. 😋😋😋

Terms and Conditions apply:

$50 spend refers to the spend amount after discount. Gift voucher spend not included.

Cash exchange for gift set is not possible. If you prefer not to take the gift set, we recommend you transfer the prize to a friend or family member, or we can donate the set to the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Team

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