Envisioning the Everyday Vegan Village with Local Artist, Poposuseyssi

Envisioning the Everyday Vegan Village with Local Artist, Poposuseyssi

Amanda Teng

Recently, I worked with Singaporean-based artist/doodler Suhana Zainal, who also goes by the name of Poposuseyssi.

We first met when Akanksha - a dear friend of Suhana’s for over ten years - brought Suhana over to Everyday Vegan Grocer. Akanksha claimed that she had always wanted to visit our physical store and thankfully, she did!

I knew the two had great taste when I discovered they had chosen Eat Real Mint & Mango infused Lentil Chips and Almighty Guava Lime Basil Organic Juice to purchase. 👌

Akanksha is a true patron for Everyday Vegan Grocer; she was one of Everyday Vegan’s early supporters, and I remember delivering to her early on in our journey. It was so lovely to be able to catch up with her in-person in our physical store and café and it reminded me again why I do what I do.

I then turned my attention to Suhana; I asked her about her career and her answer really kindled my interest.

She said that she started out her own illustration business, Poposuseyysi, after she was released from her full time employment, as her previous company had decreased projected business due to the COVID situation. A detail that definitely caught my attention was the fact that all of Suhana’s paintings are packed in handmade, recycled packaging, and her business cards have followed suit; they’re made from old cereal boxes and leftover print paper. Isn’t that cool?!

After chatting with Akanksha and Suhana, I knew I had to get Suhana to doodle something for Everyday Vegan Grocer. So, I brainstormed with Nabil, my colleague in charge of marketing, and began to devise a plan on how to collaborate with Suhana.

Initially, our plan was to have three posters: Mission, Vision and Pledge, but budgets need to be adhered to, so we decided to just cut down to a few designs instead.

The marketing and creation of this whole process did not go as smoothly as we expected, but we definitely learnt some lessons. As it was our marketing executive’s first time handling such a task, it didn’t turn out exactly as we envisioned. There seems to have been some confusion about the number of posters, and we only ended up with one.  

However, as I looked at the finished poster for the first time, I was in awe. Somehow, Suhana managed to enter my thoughts and replicate exactly how I envisioned the Everyday Vegan Village. A cafe where families can dine on vegan meals, a pond full of ducks and a free walking rooster… Suhana’s imagination really shone through. I loved the play of colors and perspective to create a truly encompassing vision of the Everyday Vegan Village. It inspires me to work extra hard to make the Everyday Vegan Village a reality.

Thank you, Suhana, for working with us! You are a star and we are so fortunate to have met you and worked with you. Thank you for breathing life into my vision.

As always, my friends, thank you very much for being a part of the Everyday Vegan journey.  🙏


Love, 💕



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