Tofu Veggie Omelette

Tofu Veggie Omelette

Amanda Teng

Tofu veggie omelette is made with mushrooms, spinach and mozzarella shreds. 


Omelette Fillings


  1. Melt butter on a heated pan, stir fry mushrooms and spinach till cooked. 
  2. To make the omelette mixture, add tofu, vitasoy milk and all dry ingredients into the food processor. Blend till there are no chunks, like a pancake mixture consistency!
  3. Now heat your pan with oil on medium heat, pour in the mixture and use a spatula to spread into a circle and make sure they are not too thick. 
  4. Flip and cook the other side of the omelette. Now add the cheese and cooked fillings and cover with a lid for a minute to melt the cheese.
  5. Viola! Enjoy the omelette with a side salad for a hearty breakfast.