Crowdfunding the Everyday Vegan Discount Club

Crowdfunding the Everyday Vegan Discount Club

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Introducing the Everyday Vegan Discount Club!

🎉 Hello Everyday Vegans! 🎉

We are thrilled to unveil our next big adventure – the Everyday Vegan Discount Club! This exciting step in our journey is set to be a real gamechanger and will make vegan living more affordable and accessible than ever before. 

We're launching our crowdfunding campaign on July 1, and you can sign up now for early bird rewards here.

Our Journey So Far 🌱

We've come a long way from our humble beginnings in 2018, evolving from a home-based business to becoming Singapore's first brick-and-mortar vegan grocer at Grandstand Mall by World Vegan Day 2020.

In July 2022, we moved to Haji Lane (photo above), helping raise the profile of veganism and make it more accessible and convenient. We are so grateful for your support throughout our journey. Now, it's time for the next step!

Why the Everyday Vegan Discount Club? ⭐️ 

Having journeyed with you, we've gained profound insights into the challenges faced by vegans and would-be vegans. The biggest challenge, by far, is price. 

A close second is the lack of options. Vegan items still remain an uncommon and expensive specialty item on grocery shelves, and stock availability is never consistent. 

It’s clear that we need to make vegan living affordable and accessible, and that's what we aim to do.

How Does It Work? ⚙️ 

The Everyday Vegan Discount Club is about making a wide range of healthy and tasty vegan products affordable and always available. For a modest membership fee, members gain access to a wide range of unique vegan products at discounted wholesale prices. 

Last year we piloted this idea to a small group of 100 members. We called this membership the VIP𝑒𝒶 pass. We wanted to make sure that we could manage the operations and financials of the business, and we are happy to share it was indeed workable. 

The membership fees kept the lights on, so we could fully focus on giving you the best possible groceries at close to wholesale prices. And we are grateful to say that the response to the VIP𝑒𝒶 pass has been overwhelmingly positive 🙏 You can read more about our member’s thoughts here. 

Growing our Impact 🌳 

To take this to the next level, we will need to:

💚 Expand our inventory to serve more people, 

💚 Diversify our grocery options to serve more tastes, 

💚And increase our operations so we can deliver all across Singapore all the time🇸🇬 

We are also changing the name from ‘VIP𝑒𝒶 Pass’, to the ‘Everyday Vegan Discount Club’ for a more universal appeal. 

Our goal is to make veganism fun, accessible, and affordable, allowing it to be an inclusive movement for all. We want to provide everyone with the means and opportunity to transition seamlessly to a more vegan lifestyle, helping us choose kindness every day. Its not just about saving money - it's about being part of an amazing, supportive community. 🌍💚 

We are a vegan business. Why should this matter to you? 🤝💚  

It means we are a vegan advocate in the business sphere: someone who serves you AND also champions your cause 💪. Through our negotiations with vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers, we're striving to make the supply chain more vegan-friendly for the long term. 

Crowdfunding Our Vision 🚀

Crowdfunding was our choice for funding this initiative because it embodies the power of community! But It’s about more than raising funds; it’s about raising awareness and fostering a community united by a shared vision. Our backers aren't just helping us financially. You will be helping us shape the future of vegan living. 

Join Our Mission and Reap the Rewards

Our crowdfunding campaign launches on 1 July. Sign up now for early bird rewards and early access here. 

Your backing will help us set up a sustainable, impactful operation, and in return, we're offering fantastic deals with potential savings of over 50% for our early supporters.

Early Bird Rewards 🎁

We've got special SECRET PERKS for our early bird supporters. Expect free sampling bags with every contribution and a chance to win prizes worth over $1000 in our Launch Day Lucky Draw. Sign up here.

Help us Spread the Word on Social and among your friends! 🎈 

Stay tuned for fun pre-launch activities on our social media platforms. Join the conversation at @everydayvegangrocer on Instagram and Facebook, and help us spread the word! P.S: Sharing is caring! Help us make a bigger impact by spreading the word with your friends and family! 💚🌍

The Impact We Want to Make 🌎

Picture this Everyday Vegans: You never have to miss out on anything. Social events are easy and fun, your diet and lifestyle need no sacrifices, and veganism becomes an everyday choice. Imagine practicing kindness every day, living in abundance, not in sacrifice. That's the world we want to create. And together, we can make a difference!

Let’s Build This Together! 🤝

We're excited about the future of veganism in Singapore and SE Asia, and we hope you are too! We envision our region as a beacon of veganism, a symbol of kindness, compassion, and healthy living. Let's make the Everyday Vegan Discount Club a reality together! Ready, Set, Go! 🚀Sign up here today for to be the first to hear about when we launch on 1 July. Let's make vegan living affordable and accessible for all. We can't wait to see you there!

Let's do this, Everyday Vegans! 🌱💪🚀

With all my heart,


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Tempeh, Tofu all sorts of plant based carbs, proteins, healthy fats and lots of love from the animal kingdom:)

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