Preparing for Launch: The Everyday Vegan Discount Club πŸš€ 🌱

Preparing for Launch: The Everyday Vegan Discount Club πŸš€ 🌱

Amanda Teng

Hey there, beautiful Everyday Vegans! πŸŽ‰

We've done it! Our crowdfunding campaign is complete, and while we may have fallen short of our initial goal of $50K, we've gathered an incredible $34.2K in pre-sales of memberships to the Everyday Vegan Discount Club. (This includes a few generous contributions made outside of Indiegogo, and is before deductions of platform fees). Your backing and belief in our vision have given us the wings to dream bigger, reach higher, and create something truly special. I'm brimming with gratitude and excitement to have you by our side. πŸ™πŸ’š

How Did We Do It?

Even though we did not reach our $50k goal, we haven't let that stop us from pushing forward with our dreams. One unexpected twist helped us tremendously: many of you chose to support us at higher reward tiers, meaning fewer members but more funds per member.

This shifts our initial budgeting, allowing us to make do with $20k for stocking up and the rest for setup costs.Β Β In addition, we've been hard at work exploring more affordable warehouse spaces, even in Malaysia, and finding ways to operate on a leaner budget without compromising the incredible benefits of the Everyday Vegan Discount Club.

The Opportunity Lives On!

We tried to appeal to Indiegogo to keep the campaign live after the initial campaign duration (this is called 'indemand' mode) but, the appeal was rejected.

While Indiegogo did not allow us to transition to the β€˜in demand’ campaign, weΒ moved quickly into Plan B whichΒ wasΒ to continue pre-sales of memberships on our website (but at slightly smaller discounts).

You can now pre-purchase our memberships on our website at $180 for a 1-year pass or $300 for a 2-year pass. And here's the cherry on top πŸ’ - both options come with complimentary VIP𝑒𝒢 pass access until we launch in 1-15 October (estimated)!

A Crowdfunding First in Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

🌱🀝 Did You Know? We're the first vegan business in Singapore to use crowdfunding as a launch pad for a new initiative. Your support is shaping the future, and we can't express enough how much it means. This achievement speaks to the determination of our community and our collective strides towards conscious consumption.

What’s Next πŸš€Β 

Sourcing Products

We are on a mission to bring you the most delicious and innovative vegan products out there! From the sizzling Beyond Meat’s new steak tips to the creamy Oatly yoghurts, we're curating a selection of brands that represent the best in plant-based eating. πŸ₯³ Some of the exciting names include Just Egg, Alpha Foods, Califia Farms, Daiya, Daring Chicken, Good Pops, Field Roast, Follow Your Heart, Forager Project, and more.

The journey to select these products isn't all smooth sailing, though. We're putting extra care into ensuring that everything we bring in has a sufficient shelf-life and is as fresh as possible, even with shipping times factored in. 🚒 

We are also extensively researching products and reading reviews πŸ” to ensure that we only introduce the best of the best to our community. It's a balancing act between supporting as many vegan brands as possible and being conscious of our budget.

Feature Roadmap for the New Website

A brand-new shopping experience is coming your way! πŸŽ‰ Our new website is being crafted with love and care to offer:

  • A more grocery-friendly shopfront for ease of browsing: No more endless scrolling to find what you need!
  • A discussion forum for our community: Connect, share, and inspire one another!
  • A seamless sign-in page with instant discounts: No more checkout surprises! All prices are already discounted once you sign in, making budgeting your grocery purchases a breeze.
  • A 'shop by dietary need' navigation: Catering to vegetarian-vegan (no onion, no garlic), gluten-free, whole food plant-based, and more. We are here for every part of your vegan journey.

Our new branding is all about being cheerful and inclusive. We want to make vegan living not just an option but a joyful and effortless choice for all. The aim is to attract more future vegans to our club and community. 🌈

Upcoming Events and Timeline

Mark your calendars because exciting times are ahead! Our goal is to place orders with suppliers by early September, receive goods in our new warehouse by mid to late September, and then aim to launch the new website from 1-15 October.

We'll be celebrating the launch with a backer’s gathering, filled with food, music, and the joy of community. Stay tuned for more details and get ready to celebrate with us!

With your continued support, there's no limit to what we can achieve. We are taking these new steps with excitement and gratitude, knowing that you're right there with us, shaping a more compassionate world. Thank you once again for believing in us and being part of this beautiful journey.

Love & Light πŸ’š 🌈,


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