Double Stacked Vegan Cheese Burger

Double Stacked Vegan Cheese Burger

Amanda Teng

Satisfy your burger cravings using Beyond Meat patties with taste so rich and texture so meaty, you won't believe it’s made from plants. Just follow this recipe made by @never.meat.again.


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  1. Prep and freestyle your veggies then leave them a side.
  2. Heat your pan, add oil, then pan-fry the patties (Medium Heat).
  3. While the patty is still hot in the pan, add the Cheddar Slice on top of the patty. (Low/medium heat) You can either scoop some of the hot oil on top of the cheese or cover the lid to melt the cheese nicely on top. 
  4. Spread some Nutteflex (Vegan Butter/Margarine) on the buns before toasting them. You can also toast them over the pan if you wish to soak up some of the patties’ flavour’
  5. Assemble your burger and add Veganaise or any of your preferred choice of sauce!
  6. Eating time. Enjoy!