Jade Cabbage Roll

Jade Cabbage Roll

Amanda Teng

A tasty Deliciou Plant-based Chick’n wrapped with cabbage leaves and served with a delicious sauce!

Ingredients | Cabbage Roll:

Ingredients | Sauce: 

Preparation | Cabbage Roll: 

  • Prepare the chick’n by adding 240ml of water and 20g of oil to the premix. Mix well and set aside for 20mins.
  • After 20mins, add the rest of the seasonings, carrot and spring onion, mix well.
  • Blanch Long Cabbage until soft and transfer to a bowl of cold water.
  • Place 1-2 tbsp of chick’n filling onto the stem of the cabbage. Fold the sides in as you roll.
  • After you are done rolling the cabbage rolls, set up the steamer. Steam for 15minutes.

Preparation | Sauce: 

  • Allow the cabbage roll to cool slightly after steaming.
  • Transfer the liquid collected in the plate after steaming to a measuring jar. Top up to 375ml with vegetable stock.
  • In a sauce pot, bring it to a boil. Add Nature’s Glory Dashi Kombu Shitake Seasoning, Sesame oil, Salt and Pepper.
  • Gradually stir in cornstarch solution until you achieve the desired thickness.