Miyoko's Phenomenally Vegan Easy Cheesy Pizza

Miyoko's Phenomenally Vegan Easy Cheesy Pizza

Amanda Teng

No need for delivery --just bring your favorite pizzeria into your kitchen with our Fresh Vegan Mozz and Miyoko's overnight pizza dough. Or try the Smoked Vegan Mozz for that wood-fired flavor that will elevate homemade to phenomenal.


The Crust:
Optional Toppings:


  1. Make the dough: Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl to make a sticky dough. Cover with plastic wrap or put it into a plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator for 1 to 3 days 
  2. About an hour before you’re ready to eat, turn the oven as high as it will go, preferably 500F 
  3. Put your pizza stone in it and let it get good and hot for 1 hour (if you don’t have one, use a cast-iron pan)
  4. Prep your ingredients - veggies, sauce, cheese
  5. Right before you’re ready to bake, divide the dough in two and roll one half out on a lightly floured pizza peel (or shape it by tossing in the air if you can!)
  6. Put your toppings on it, slide it onto the hot stone, and bake for about 10 minutes
  7. Repeat with the remaining dough

Special thanks to @miyokoscreamery for this delicious recipe!