Yuba Noodle Soup

Yuba Noodle Soup

Amanda TengMay 28, '22

We’ve got another quick and easy express vegan recipe for you to try! 💚😊 For something to warm your belly 🔥 and excite your taste buds 🤩🤩, yuba noodle soup is for you 🍜 - and bonus, it’s a recipe for 2! 😜✨




  1. Follow instructions on packaging to prepare noodles. When the noodles are ready, place in cold water to stop it from cooking and softening further.


  1. Bring about 2 cups of water to the boil
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of Shoyu and 1 Vegetable Stock Cube
  3. Add 2 x Whole tomatoes for natural sweetness and extra savouriness
  4. Leave to cook on medium heat until the skin of the tomato falls of
  5. Add veggies and fried yuba
  6. Cook for just a short while. Don't cook for too long or the veggies get too soft. It should still be green and crisp when you serve!
  7. Season with Kombu Shiitake Dashi, White Pepper and a little salt
  8. Pour soup over noodles
  9. Drizzle toasted sesame oil over dish and serve.